Terms and conditions of placing adverts in "Truck.pl" magazine and Truck.pl and Truck-expo.com portals.

Magazine "Truck.pl" and portals Truck.pl, Truck-Expo.com are led by EXCELIA D. Opala S. Jastrzębski s.c. located at przy ul. Pionierów 1/12, 81-645 Gdynia, called EXCELIA.

§1 General principles
1. This document specify the terms and conditions of placing adverts in magazine "Truck.pl" and portals Truck.pl and Truck-expo.com.
2. Placing advertisements is based on this Terms and conditions and valid law.

§2 Advert content
1. Content and form of an advert must be consistent with legal-ethical norms valid in Poland, according to art. 36 of press legislation.
2. Content and form of an advert cannot be contrary to the programme line and character of Truck.pl and Truck-expo.com portals and "Truck.pl" magazine.
3. Photographs and films attached to an advert cannot contain text, logo of the company and must correspond to content of an advert.
4. EXCELIA is responsible for the legality of advert's content and photographs. EXCELIA is obliged to design the structure of advertising material in such a way, which does not infringe legal provisions, official prohibitions or public morality.
5. EXCELIA reserve the right to remove an advert or change its content, if it infringes these Terms and conditions.
6. EXCELIA reserve the right to reject the advert or stop continuing publication without giving a reason.

§3 Technical condition
1. Photographs and films attached to adverts must meet the specification (such as format, size of the file) appropriate to the type and the way of publication.
2. EXCELIA reserve the right to change content of the advert, if the fields of the form are not filled in correct way, as well as – if it is necessary – to shorten contents, by reason of limitation the characters in magazine adverts.
3. Content of adverts will be adapted to standards of the magazine.

§4 Term of publication
1. The adverts placed for the magazine will be published in the nearest possible time according to the schedule of collecting adverts.
2. The adverts placed for portal will be published in 30-minute time, counting from the moment of accepting the content by personnel.

§5 Price list and payments
1. Prices of adverts are established on the basis of the price lists being in effect on the day of indent, unless the agreement between the Advertiser and EXCELIA is different.
2. EXCELIA reserve the right to changing the prices included in price lists mentioned above, at all times, without limitation.
3. In case of orders including the discount EXCELIA do not return the money, when Advertiser withdraw the advert.
4. Publishers reserve the right to refusal of accepting the adverts or continuing publication, if the Advertiser has overdue debt for previous orders.

§6 Personal details
1. Giving personal details, according to the law about personal details protection from 29.08.1997, Dz. U. No. 133, pos. 883, is tantamount to giving agreement for processing and using these details to present offers and for saving them in EXCELIA data base.
2. The Advertiser has the right to inspection, correction, removal and control his personal details in accordance to the law about the electronic service from 8.07.2002, Dz. U. No. 144, pos. 1204.
3. The Advertiser is giving agreement to receive offers and the information of all kind.