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Garbage truck

Make: Renault

Model: 22 SXA 1

Mileage: 396319 km

Hours: 7673 hours

1st registration date: 20/12/1999

Vin number: VF622XA0E0000738

Matis: 33

Gearbox: Automatic

Suspension: Pneumatic

Number of seats: 3

Number of axles: 3

Maximum allowable Sledge hammer: 26000 kg

Tare Weight: 15820 kg

Garbage Hydraulic press

Make: VDK

Model: Pusher 11K

Garbage press Dimensions: 700 cm x 230 cm x 220 cm

Total truck Dimensions: 920 cm x 230 cm x 330 cm


-Registration certificate

-Certificate of conformity

-Certificate of Visit to the technical inspection (valid until 10/08/2019)

-Technical specifications sheet

-Identification report

Conditions: Not tested

Remark: loading and removal to be borne by the buyer, for parts or to be reconditioned, visit recommended